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"Advancing the concept of Sustainable Happiness for us individually and collectively is more timely and important than ever. This engaging course offers the powerful, life-changing combination of the Foster Hicks happiness model with Dr. Catherine O'Brien's groundbreaking work in sustainable happiness. It enables participants to take their happiness to the next level just as it did for me, and as Foster, Hicks and O'Brien did for our students in the top rated course they taught here at UC Berkeley."
Jeffrey S. Oxendine
Associate Dean
Public Health Practice
UC Berkeley School of Public Health

The Sustainable Happiness course merges Dr. Catherine O'Brien's concept of sustainable happiness with the FosterHicks happiness model. Sustainable happiness draws upon Dr. O'Brien's two decades of international experience with sustainability, wellbeing, and happiness. The FosterHicks model was developed after their acclaimed worldwide journey to study happy people and is made up of nine essential behaviors that are associated with physical health and wellbeing. Studies indicate that we get positive biochemical rewards from all nine behaviors. The integration of the FosterHicks model with sustainable happiness is a fresh and unique way of looking at happiness and wellbeing. It reveals opportunities to enhance your wellbeing and the happiness and wellbeing of other people and the natural environment. In a study done in cooperation with the Mayo Clinic and the National Research Center, the FosterHicks model was highly correlated with feelings of an elevated quality of life and emotional capability.

Signing up for the Sustainable Happiness Course will give you access to more than 40 engaging individual videos.

There are also activities designed to complement your exploration of sustainable happiness. The fun and informative videos will lead you through the 9 principles associated with happy people: Intention, Accountability, Identification, Centrality, Recasting, Options, Appreciation, Giving, and Truth. As you move through the course and apply these principles in your own life your happiness footprint will expand, contributing to happiness and well-being worldwide.

The course is divided into 10 sections and designed so that it can be followed with equal success in any order. You may want to linger on a particular section or jump into a section that intrigues you - that’s the fun of determining your own path!

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